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EWE and me… a yarn boutique is all about EWE! We are a eclectic fibre shop located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We specialize in an environment that focuses on comfort for all our patrons.  We have unique yarns, needles, and  must-have items that are typically not found in your average yarn shop. We are dedicated to Colorado and its unique types of yarn. We buy local yarns and U. S. made fibers for your pleasure, whether it be knitting, crocheting, weaving, or spinning. Our aim is to bring to the market the top brands of yarn along with some only found here in the mountain west. Join our community environment, settle in and let our helpful staff get you started on your next handmade creation.  When you want to start a new hobby, we have a knowledgeable staff that delights in teaching techniques and tricks to hone your skills, whatever level they might be.

Warmly, Debbie